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Amazonite Glitter Stones

Amazonite Glitter Stones


The Earth Made Beauty Art Studio™ Glitter Stones are a higher shimmer, glass glitter.  Each stone is made of fine crushed glass pieces, stained to create colored gem-like stones.  The Glitter Stones are the perfect addition to any epoxy resin artwork, especially geode inspired artowkrs!  Remember, glitter stones will sink in your deep epoxy resin, so place them accordingly.  You can place them before you pour your resin, or sprinkle them over top of uncured resin after you pour (prefered method).  Available only in 50 gram jars. 




- HIGHER SHIMMER - The Glitter Stones are an amazing way to add dazzling sparkle to your epoxy resin artworks!  They are stained and coated in metallic pigments, giving the glitter stones a mirror like reflective property.  


- SMALL STONES - The glitter stones are perfect trying to replicate small crystals, diamonds, or other minerals or stones.  They are best used in geode epoxy resin artworks incorporated into the crystals! 


- VIBRANT COLORS - The Earth Made Beauty Art Studio™ Glitter Stones come in four colors, all of which are designed to be ultra vibrant, even after you pour epoxy resin over them! 


- PIGMENT GLITTER GLASS COMBO - Try matching your glitter stones to your Earth Made Beauty Art Studio™ epoxy pigment powders and pastes!  There are some near perfect matches to be made!  


- MANY USES - Glitter stones can be used in a wide variety of crafts, not just epoxy resin art.  They can be used in decorative mosaics, jewlry making, nail art, candle making, and many others!  They are though, perfectly designed for use in epoxy resin art! 

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