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Emerald Green - Epoxy Resin Pigment Paste

Emerald Green - Epoxy Resin Pigment Paste

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Earth Made Beauty Art Studio™ epoxy resin pigment pastes are the perfect dye for creating resin art, especially geode inspired resin art.  With beuatiful effects, and excellent light fastness, Earth Made Beauty Art Studio™ epoxy pigment pastes are the best dyes a resin artist can get.  Available only in 50gram jars.




- ULTRA LIGHT FASTNESS - Earth Made Beauty Art Studio™ epoxy pigment pastes are extremely potent and only need to be mixed in no more than a 1:10 ratio to achieve extreme opacity.


- WIDE COLOR SELECTION - Earth Made Beauty Art Studio™ offers a wide variety of colors to choose from in the epoxy pigment paste line up.  With more coming 2023...


- LONG LASTING - The pigment pastes will last a long time since a little goes a very long ways!  


- SPECIAL EFFECTS - All of the Earth Made Beauty Art Studio™ epoxy pigment pastes are capable of creating beautiful cell and lacing effects.  Just use a blow torch or a heat gun and watch the magic happen!


- FLOAT TO THE TOP - The Earth Made Beauty Art Studio™ metallic epoxy pigment pastes series are a float to the top special effect pigment paste.  Just finish with a light pass with a torch or heat gun to make the gold, silver, or rose gold float to the top for a gilded effect!


- TRANSPARENCY - The pigment pastes can be mixd as a transparent dye by mixing a very small amount of paste into your epoxy resin.  Start with an even smaller amount than you think you'll need, remember they are potent! 


- QUALITY - Earth Made Beauty Art Studio™ epoxy resin pigment pastes are high quality, artist-grade pigment pastes specially formulated spceifically for two part epoxy resin systems.  They are a great way to enhance any epoxy resin artwork, especially geode inspired resin art! 


- MICA DUO - The pastes are great to mix and pour along side the Earth Made Beauty Art Studio™ pigment powders too.  You can add a touch of Gooshenite White pigment powder to any pigment paste color to create a shimery paste color! 


- COLOR CAPABILITIES - Mix your pigment pastes together for endless color options and color matching for custom or client needs!  Try mixing different colors of pastes and powder pigments together for even more enhacned colors! 


*PLEASE NOTE - Some of the pastes are available in 50 grams, while some are available in 70 grams (some paste jars may appear more full than others).  As Earth Made Beauty Art Studio™ continues to grow, we are upgrading our pigment pastes quanitity per jars!  It is a slow process, but we are looking to upgrade all of our pastes as they sell out.   As our business grows, it allows us to offer more of what you love, at no costs increase!  We hope you understand, and continue to support our small business!  

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