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Magic Powder Pen HY05

Magic Powder Pen HY05

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The Earth Made Beauty Art Studio™ Magic Phantom Powder Pens are an innovative take on resin art, offering a new way to add vibrant detail into your next masterpiece! There are seven options, each a vibrant color shifiting pen with endless capabilities. To use the pens, simply unscrew the cap and start drawing on the surface of cured resin, inside a mold, or on the surface of your crystals! When the pen runs out of color, simply twist the cap back on and off and voila, the pen is ready again! The pens are comprised of compact powder in the lid that the spongy aplicator gathers to create a smooth, and effortless marking... The pens are highly pigmented, and a little bit can go a long way! So try not to screw the cap on and off too many times to conserve product.




- METALLIC SHINE - The Earth Made Beauty Art Studio™ Magic Powder Pens are designed to be a smooth and effortless metallic pen. The pens are made of chameleon and aluminum powders pigments, giving them the perfect shine and shimmer, and an almost mirror-like finish! Especially the variant TJ02, it's just like chrome!


- INNOVATIVE USE - Originally for use in nail art, the Earth Made Beauty Art Studio™ Magic Powder Pens have been reinvented by Tanner Matthews in his epoxy geode art. Shifting them from only a way to accessorize your nails, into also a great way to accessorize your resin art!


- MANY USES - The powder pens can be used in a variety of different ways! The best way is to simply use them to draw on your cured resin surfaces, however, they can be used to dust the inside of a silicone mold before casting - creating chrome-like or chameleon resin castings, they can be used to add color to the edge of an epoxy coaster, and they can even be used on your finger nails!


- COLOR SHIFTING - The magic powder pen color variants HY01-HY06 are all color changing pens! They are comprised of chameleon pigment powders, which change colors depending on the angle in the light! This alone makes these pens highly desirable among resin artists. Chameleon pigments are highly sought after!


- NO MESS - There is no ink with the magic powder pens, so they are virtually mess free. If you make a mistake, they are super easy to clean up. Just wipe them away with a soft microfiber cloth! No cleaning solution neccessary!


- STAYS WHERE YOU DRAW - The Earth Made Beauty Art Studio™ magic powder pens stay exactly where you draw them in your epoxy resin art! Once you put a clear coat over them, there is no need to worry about the lines bleeding or moving because they will stay exactly as you drew them! However, if you do not pour a clear flood coat of resin over the pen lines, they will simply rub off. They must be sealed to be permanent.

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