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Rose Gold

Rose Gold

PriceFrom $8.63



Rose Gold is a BRAND NEW deep rosey copper-tone premium art grade pigment powder. Finally, Earth Made Beauty Art Studio has a true Rose Gold "float to the top" pigment powder for your epoxy resin artworks! Just a touch of heat will make this pigment pop to the top in epoxy resin. This pigmemt has a rose gold label to identify it as a floating pigment.


Earth Made Beauty Art Studio™ epoxy pigment powders are compirsed of high quality minerals and mica powders that are not only artist-grade, but also FDA compliant. The Earth Made Beauty Art Studio epoxy pigment powders are formulated to dye you epoxy resin vibrant, shimmery colors to be used in epoxy resin art works. They are the perfect pigment for any epoxy resin artwork, especially geode inspired resin artworks! Available only in 50 gram jars. NOTE- Some pigments are more volumtpious due to their particle size making the jars look more or less full, but they are in fact meausred by weight, not voume.




- HIGH SHIMMER - Earth Made Beauty Art Studio™ epoxy pigment powders are comprised of fine particles of mica powder and other high quality minerals, creating ultra shimmer and metallic-like effects in your epoxy resin.


- LARGE JAR - Use your pigment powders over and over, with the longer lasting 50 gram jars!


- SMALL JARS - Only need a small amount for a small project or comissioned artwork? This pigment is now available in 25 gram jars for those who only need just a bit, or an artist looking to try the pigment out before committing to a large jar.


- VIBRANT COLORS - Each color is a vibrant, highly pigmented powder. With colors so intense, less is more! Be sure never to exceed a 1:10 mixing ratio.


- THE MANY USES - Earth Made Beauty Art Studio™ pigment powders can be used in a mulititude of arts and crafts including epoxy resin art, soap making, paint making, dusted in casting molds, and even cosmetic creation!


- DIVERESE COLOR RANGE - Earth Made Beauty Art Studio™ offers a wide variety of epoxy resin pigment powders for all your color and shade desires!


- PIGMENT PASTE COMBO - Try mixing the pigment powders with the Earth Made Beauty Art Studio™ epoxy pigment pastes for added depth and light fastness in your colors! Adding Gosehnite White to your paste colors is a great way to make custom metallic-like colors!

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