A premium resin art supplies brand, made by artists, for artists.

From luxury pigment powders, to rich pigment pastes, Earth Made Beauty Art Studio™ has you covered for your next masterpiece...


ALL NEW pigment pastes formulas are here!  The Earth Made Beauty Art Studio™ epoxy pigment pastes have been reformulated to provide the highest quality colorants for all your resin art creations.  

Each epoxy pigment paste has effortless lacing and cell capabilities, with ultra lightfastness.  Making Earth Made Beauty Art Studio™ Epoxy Pigment Pastes the ideal colorant when working with epoxy resin systems.  

Earth Made Beauty Art Studio™pigment powders are the best in the industry.  With ultra fine particle sizes, each pigment powder is made up of high-quality, natural mica powder, suitable for epoxy resin art.  

Each pigment powder has excellent shimmer, shine, and vibrance.  Each color is hand selected by Tanner Matthews himself, with custom blends created for the most unique shades.  There are even special effect metallic powders that "float to the top" for a gilded effect! 



Have any questions about Earth Made Beauty Art Studio™?  Want to commission a custom piece of art?  Get in touch today, and we’ll be happy to connect with you.  

San Francisco, CA, USA

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EMB Art Studio Artist/Creator 

Meet the artist! Tanner is a 22 year old artist/entrepreneur based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, with a passion for natural beauty fabricated by Mother Nature herself. His art pieces feature many crystal points, which enable a higher quality of life through spiritual and physical healing powers! Tanner created Earth Made Beauty Art Studio in November 2018 as a way to share his journey of self-healing with the world through abstract and geode inspired art. The main medium used in his pieces is epoxy resin, mixed with various pearlescent pigments.  Now, Earth Made Beauty Art Studio has grown to manufacturing luxury art supplies designed specifically for epoxy resin artist.